Beautiful Blogger Award

Once again a pleasure to except a blog award… I’ve been awarded again but this time it’s finally some thing new :P A beautiful blogger award. The honor was of Manu Kurup who manages a blog known as Manu Kurup… Plz do check out his thoughts you’ll love to read.


  1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Post the award image to your page
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers and let them know about the nomination
  4. Tell 7 facts about yourself


Here are 7 things about me:

  1. I use to be a great cheater a few years back. I never got caught while cheating though every body knew I cheated, there was no evidence to prove it but later as I came to know that I was doing wrong I left the elevator and took the stairs.
  2. I worked as a assistant manager at my dads textile for a month.
  3. I love Ben ten. I’ve got a collection of all the aliens and the characters.
  4. I love doing things which are unusual. 1 month back I punched whole in my jeans using a hole punch. It was looking awesome. :P
  5. I love irritating people though when you’ll irritate me I’ll kill you. :P
  6. I breath oxygen to stay alive. Do you??? :D
  7. I love nature… Waking up morning and seeing the sun rise and waking up late night and enjoying the view of shining stars is one of the necessary part of my life. I’m totally in to it.


Now the nominations…

  1. Life of 24 Hours
  3. Fading Meta
  4. Being Arindam..
  5. Writes2escape’s Blog
  7. Musings of a 22 year old
  8. awakeningpsyche
  9. ChocolatesandRaspberries
  10. My diary!
  11. truethresholds
  12. Life & Times
  13. Free Tag Zone – Inventaire de l’éphémère .
  14. Cynthia
  15. quirky matter

Keep blogging :D

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17 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations! Another well-deserverd award!
    And thank you so much for the nomination of our street art and graffiti blog from Begium Free Tag Zone.
    We have also 2 brand-new collective and international blogs “Voyage en éphémère” (from all over the world) and “Graffs en Capitales” (only from Capitals cities) … maybe you would like to have the links and have a look?
    Best refgard,


  2. My sister Amna, I have seen your words blossom over the last year, and the numbers of bloggers who listen to your voice is awesome, it brings a smile to my face to watch your growth. I nominated you dear one for a wonderful new award, the Most Influential Blog Award for 2012. You may see the announcement post at The light that shines radiantly from your words is all embracing, I am proud of you and so honored to be able to nominate you for this new award. Keep writing and sharing! God bless you and your family! Wendell!


    • Well I have been really pleased to see the number of people appreciating me… One of my most close fella is you… You are always next to me to give me advices, courage, appreciation and allot more… I’m really thankful to you for being such a great support for me… May God bless you… Lastly thank you for the award… It really means to me… After all you nominated me for this award… :)


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