Cheating during Exams

Does cheating really help you succeed in life? May be time been but can cheating be your life time support? Instead of making you successful it will make you a person who is dumb, useless and a failure. Who will give a job to a failure who does not know any thing besides cheating? Why do students  cheating? Is something forcing them? Are they given parental support? Are teachers helping students to cheat?

The students today need to understand that cheating won’t make them succeed in life. Cheating isn’t going to support you life time, one day it’ll dump you making you a cheater. They put so much effort in cheating can’t they put the same effort in learning. Nobodies gonna give a job to a failure. Students today cheat because the things their made studied in the school are not for them. An 8th grader is made studied a dark aged Novel of Charles Dickens. Novels are supposed to read in leisure time. The teachers are not qualified… an English doesn’t know how to speak English properly, students can speak English better then her… an history teacher doesn’t know what happened in history…  that’s ridiculous. Some parents don’t pay attention to the studies of their children which encourage them for cheating… some parents know that their children cheat but still they don’t stop them or discourage them… some parents encourage cheating they give money to teachers and the teachers help their children in cheating.

I have witnessed this live… It was our maths exam… the invigilator knew I’m good at maths…  she took my examination sheet and told the answers to other kids… I was shocked… I complained to the principle but she was like u must be mistaken my staff isn’t like that… they can’t encourage cheating… and the worst thing was my position was given to that cheater… I was so sad… instead of 1st position I got 2nd position… that was unfair… well moving moving forward.

Yesterday I was discussing this topic with my cousin (She is a Senior Teacher). Instead of discouraging cheating she was encouraging and she was telling me how does she help students cheat during Exam. She helps student exchange examination sheet, gives them paper chits to cheat, she dictates them the answer and there were so many ways in which she helped the students. A teacher is giving students tips to cheat and when I tried to explain her that she’s doing wrong. It isn’t good for the future generation but she was like, “If other students can cheat way not my students”. These were the dialogues of a Senior teacher.

While doing cheating a students is cheating many people at time; teacher, parents, tutor, society and most of all him self. Now a day the ratio of “cheating” in our society is day by day increasing. We need to control it, their are many solutions. We can  solve the problem of cheating in our society.

First of all the teacher needs to be qualified, the books should be of the level of the students, the pressure of the studies on the students should be reduced and the way of teaching must be fun so that students enjoy school instead of slumbering in school. Teach it like its a game, enjoy your-self teaching and make the students enjoy.

And ya discouraging, discouraging by parents should be avoided. The discouraging of parents make children lose their faith in them-selves. It makes them feel like a failed person. Parents should keep bucking their children, which makes them feel like a successful person and they’ll try to do harder.

I now every one has different point of views, if all of us will try stopping cheating in our society on day this world will be like heaven. Even if only cheating in schools will be stopped… slowly slowly cheating will vanish cuz these generation will grow up and today if we’ll raise our voice today, tomorrow will be better than ever.

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20 thoughts on “Cheating during Exams

  1. I think cheating only helps you in the short-term, but later it is going to come back to bite you, since you won’t know how to study correctly. The whole point of school is to learn how to learn, not just the facts and trivia you learn there. By the way, I would be furious too if the teacher read out my answers for the whole class. It’s not fair you should have to study while everyone else just gets a free ride.


  2. Here’s how my uncle sees it:
    Letting other people cheat is like helping them. If you know it, why don’t you tell ’em. Be a friend, don’t be selfish and help them get the marks.

    How would you reply to this well intended argument?


  3. It’s so sad that teachers would help students cheat! There have been a few big scandals around here because teachers were erasing students’ answers on tests and writing the correct answers in! How does that help anyone?


  4. Haha! This one includes some weird thoughts of a young gal I guess. Copying anything isn’t at all a great play I know. But that doesn’t means those who copied somewhere fails in life at least in the near future coming by the way. Just chill with those sort of circumstances, gal. I hope that you would definitely get my logical aspects well about the topic, when you’ll gets matured enough!



    • Well what I have experienced is that cheating leads to destruction in the end… and coping things and cheating there is a great difference between them… and yeah I do agree i do have weird thoughts well actually i don’t just think before doing things…. I scribble or speak it out… thats the thing which puts me in great trouble… :P


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